Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fact Versus Fiction

If you've followed the debates about chemical contaminants in the environment, you've probably already heard at least one of these claims before:

"These chemicals meet EPA standards."
"You'd have to drink a swimming pool of this stuff before it would affect you."
"There's no evidence that this compound harms humans."

The chemical industry and their hired public relations representatives trot out these and similar claims whenever the safety of one of their compounds is called into question.

On their surface, many of these statements appear reasonable. But once you scratch the surface, they prove to be little more than carefully constructed fictions and half-truths that obscure the real facts: that EPA requires little or no testing of compounds before they are released to the environment; that cancer rates are up, especially for the young; and that certain, particularly young children, are extremely sensitive to certain compounds.

Before you spread the industry's stories about chemical exposure, make sure you have the facts.

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