Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank You Anonymous

Ok, this will be my last comment on this Rip Off Report. I appreciate all comments... Good or bad. And since someone has been responding to this post and the prior post as well, I will respond back.

Of course I would post your comment. I posted your first comment as well. I have also noticed that you seem to be the one fired up about this, a little more than myself.

I'm not retracting anything. I stand firm on this. Not because of other posts or blogs. I am capable of making my own decisions based on the numerous business's I have spoken with that have been personally affected by ROR. Just because (ROR) may have done good for a few business's, does not make it right or ethical to request money from other companies to clear their negative feedback. And it's that EXACT situation I hear from other companies.

For example, a company handles a return from a customer and it takes 10 days instead of 7. Now this customer makes a negative claim on ROR and the company then turns around and issues a $5.00 credit to the customer. As a way of saying they were sorry for the slow return. Now that part is not even mentioned in ROR. That company is still left with a negative comment and Rip Off Report all over them. This company is now classified as a scam by ROR.

As for the BBB, Wherever the headquarters of a company is located, that is where an individual would contact the BBB for info on a specific company. And the BBB does keep records longer than 36 months. If an issue is resolved, they will tell you. If there are open claims, they will tell you. Yes, they do archive but it's much longer than 36 months.

OK.... That's all I have to say. I would like to thank "anonymous" for the comments. I feel your passion on this subject and thank you for your words and input.

It is so GREAT that we live in the United States. We can disagree with each other and express our self and not be hung or crucified for what we believe in. Again, Thank You.

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