Friday, October 3, 2008

I need a debate redo.... LOL

What a debate.... I have now seen with my own eyes that Sarah can actually speak and answer questions. Unlike the other day when she was asked what magazines she reads and she could not even mention one. Her response was " All of them". LOL.... I will say that she did speak to me in the debate. I doubted her and was proven wrong. Yet she used the tactic of "talking down" and trying to "play it" like she caught someone taking cookies out of the cookie jar. (to Joe). I'm all for women being leaders and moving ahead.....But there's something, just something about her..... She played the "I caught you" card too far.... With her winks and all.
Then you have Joe. I'm not even sure what to say about him. I thought I did not know much about Palin, but now I'm left unsure of Joe. I will say that I'm not turned off by Joe. I do WANT change.
This would be so much easier if Hillary was still in the running. But she's not. I think I need another debate on the debate.... LOL...
It's funny... Way back in high school I was not into this at all.... And here I am, many years later, watching everything, lisening to everything about politics...... I have even been listening to : on the radio, of course......I am just so political now.....I care... I can make a difference....

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