Monday, October 27, 2008

Rip Off Report Is A Scam

Ok, so I have even come across this website a few times. The guy that owns it, Ed, makes his website look so real and honest. And yes, that is his mug shot above. He is a wanted criminal. He is known for the "Rip Off Report".

So as a public service, I felt that it was my duty of informing everyone of the FACTS.

Take a look for yourself..... See how Ed and his "Rip Off Report" is just another scam in itself.

Click Here For The Facts:

So for all the Legit, Work At Home Businiess's out there, and for those seeking to work at home, I hope this helped. Just know that we have the BBB on our side.

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Anonymous said...

If you want so badly to get the facts straight, why don't you present both sides of the argument? Ripoff Report states very clearly on their website and they have proven in the courtroom that he is NOT WANTED and has never lost a lawsuit. Ripoff Report follows the law to the letter, or they'd have lost one of the dozens of frivolous lawsuits that have been wrongfully brought against them. And your picture is from the 70s--Magedson is much older now, which you can also see from photos and videos at the website. So, if he's been 'on the run' all these years, you're suggesting the authorities--including the federal and local authorities who turn to him for information when flushing out scammers--are idiots to have not arrested him for all those ancient (and dropped) charges you've drummed up.

Seriously, what do you have against him? What makes you so angry? Have a report filed against you or something that he LAWFULLY won't remove? Why would anyone expect him to investigate every report when they get over 1000 a day? Not even CNN investigates that much!! To call ripoff report a scam is an injustice to the hundreds of thousands who have used the site--like myself--and seen justice done in our favor. I completely disagree with your assessment, and I stand by the site for the service it provides to consumers, who when taken together, can get companies to listen and change.

Joe Suiafga said...

Its very common to see that the defenders of Rip off report are usually anonymous, as well as those trashing companies on that site. If you believe so strongly then why not tell us who you are. You probably also posted your "complaint" anonomously as well.

Nancy said...

ROR does not fact check.
ROR does not give rebuttals the same headline as it gives those who file a report.
ROR allows people to file by ficticious identities.
Not only does the ROR extort money from businesses to "repair" a reputation, they allow the public to attempt to do the same.
ROR will only speak with you if you agree to their "corporate advocacy".
Consumers need to advocate their congressmen/women to update protecton laws.
My company is listed on the ROR. I am personally attacted by fictious people. My attacker files one report after another, around midnight and probably after hitting a pub.
The people he describes as me and my husband are imaginary characters with life experiences vastly different from the ones we have ever had. Besides the humiliating, perverse things he writes the language is horrible. Unfortunately people who do their due dilligence by googling a person or their company. They only read the sensational headlines and don't read the meat of the articles. If they did, they would see the fraud first hand.

Corey said...

Your link doesn't work. Rip-off report has been very reliable in my experience. It identifies BS get rick quick schemes. If someone is saying you can make 6 figures working from home with no skills, they're a scam. Sorry, but that's reality. Just because the rip off report dude has a mug shot, it doesn't mean that his site is a scam. That's just poor logic. I assume that you ended up on rip off report and you're angry? Then don't make promises you can't keep. People don't make money at home with these scams. It's wrong to give out false hope. There you go, someone agrees with anonymous.

Cindy said...


I think you have me all wrong. First, I have NEVER been listen on Rip Off Report. My name is out there. I have nothing to hide. And I have never been listed on Rip Off Report. I do talk with a lot of people who have been listed. What happens is that once you are listed on that site, you do have to pay a certain amount of money to have the negative comment removed. Now to me, that is a scam.

So no, I am not bitter....Never been listed... I just deal with a lot of people and hear the stories. But if you kept up with my blog, you would know all about me instead of assuming.

Also, I know people can make 6 figures working from home. I'm not making that, yet, but I strive everyday to make better than the day before. And yes, it's legit!

Thank you for sharing Corey.. Just wish you took the time to know me better to see the person that I am.


Eddie said...

I used to think ROR was a legitimate site until I did some serious fact checking. I now know that the site and the owner are nothing but BS.

Ed has now gotten into bed with Cash4Gold which had a huge number of complaints. Now you can't find them.

To Anonymous:

You said that ROR has only lost one lawsuit brought against them. What you conveniently failed to say is that ROR has quietly settled many lawsuits brought against them. In addition most of the lawsuits that were dismissed were because of improper filings. This is being rectified and there are new charges in the making, including charges under the RICO act, that ED will not be able to buy his way out from.

To Corey:

So you don't try to make accusations I want to tell you I have never, as you so eloquently put it, "ended up on rip off report"

mykidsmom said...

To Corey,
Just to prove my point...Go check out Rip Off. I just placed a complaint about you. That's how bugs this guys site is!!! Think about this. Any one can say anything with out proof. Does that sound fair? Why would a site allow bogus information on their site? Corey, think about how you feel. I just placed a complaint on his site saying you RIPPED ME OFF!

People need to get the facts. Go to the BBB or Chamber! Wise up!


Sick of the gossip boards!

PS: Corey, I didn't really post that but I could of. That wouldn't not have been truthful or fair, right? I don't post false information but many do.

Samantha Rollins said...

Please sign to remove ripoff report for good.