Saturday, June 7, 2008

Father's Day Craft Idea

Here is a great little project for your little one to do for father's Day. This was found at

Your child can surprise her favorite guy with an easy-to-make stand-up photo frame that reflects his special interests or hobby.

CRAFT MATERIALS:Paper towel tubesConstruction paperCard stockTape or glueScissorsMarkers or paintsCraft foam, optional

Time needed: Under 1 Hour


1. Tape or glue construction paper to cover two cardboard paper towel tubes.

2. Cut out a piece of card stock that's slightly larger than the photo you plan to use.

3. Attach the photo to the card stock with rolled pieces of tape. With a craft knife, make vertical slits in the tubes for the sides of the card stock to slip into (a parent's job).

4. Now your child can cut out decorative shapes; such as a tennis racket, golf club or baseball pennant; from colored craft foam or construction paper. Then she can use markers or paints to add embellishing details before gluing the shapes onto the frame and presenting her gift to Dad.

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