Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keeping Your Kids Busy During the Summer

Summer is here. Kids are home and just when you think all is fine and everyone is happy, you hear those words you dread... "Mom, I'm bored".

Yes, school keeps our kids busy during the day and homework keeps them busy at night. But during the summer months, it is easy for kids to get bored. It's as if our kids rush to get everything done that they want to do in the first couple weeks of their summer vacation. Then entering the third week they find they are bored and have nothing to do.

Here are some simple summer time tips that may help.

1) If you don't have a swimming pool, take your kids to your local community swimming pool. Or if you are near the beach (that's where I would be). I have a baby pool that my kids find themselves having alot of fun in when they are bored and it's hot outside.

2) Set an hour aside and show your kids your creativeness. Maybe you have a plain picture frame laying around and you would like to personalize it. Grab a few buttons, beads, uncooked macaroni noodles, and have your kids choose the places they would like to add these items and glue them on. You can even use finger nail polish and paint stars and smiley faces on the frame.

3) Don't forget the Lemonade sale I don't see kids do this as much anymore. But I believe this teaches more than just selling lemonade. It also teaches the kids that they have to do a little work to earn a little money. Let the kids make the lemonade as well.

4) Grab your garden hose, bucket of water and wash your car with your kids. This shows kids the work it takes to keep a vehicle clean and you will have fun along the way. When you can spray each other, let your kids spray you and wash your car at the same time, and have fun doing it, life does not get any better.

5) Grab a blanket and lay outside under the stars. You will be amazed the the conversations you can have with your kids by doing this. You will find yourself relaxed and creating another bonding moment with your children.

6) Go for a nature walk in your local metropolitan park. They all have trails that you can walk through. Not only is it cooler with all the trees and shade, but you never know what kind of animal you may stumble across and walking through the streams of water, looking at the fish, plants and rocks is really fun for the whole family.

7) Have an ice cream party. Grab all the toppings you can think of. Sprinkles, cherries, nuts, caramel, hot fudge, whip cream and marshmallow. Kids love to make their own creations and odds are, no matter how it turns out, they will eat it anyway.

8) Go for an evening stroll with your kids. It is cooler in the evenings and much healthier for our kids to be out walking instead on inside playing video games. And if losing a few pounds is on your to do list, this could very well help.

9) Head to your library. Our library has so much to offer. We receive a newsletter lettng us know all the classes that are coming for adults and for the kids. Every class is free, too. But most require pre-registration so they can have an idea of how many people will be coming. From a story time class, arts and crafts class, bingo evening, movie night. There's something for every age a couple times each week.

10) My favorite. A cook out at the park. Grab a few friends together and head for the park. Most have a pavillion and grill where you can prepare a nice lunch while the kids go play on the playground. After a few hours, the kids have let out some of their energy and everyone is happy, full and tired.

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