Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look Out Kids, I'm Coming In.....

Ok, so it's been pretty hot here lately. I decided to get out the pool for my kids this past weekend. Since I did not have a hose, my friend brought hers over. Between the both of us, we could not get the washing machine hose off to hook up the other hose on..... LOL.... And yes, we checked the sink and even upstairs but the hose would not fit.... LMAO !

So, I had to resort to "The Buckets".... Yes, I spent over an hour bucket filling their pool up. So after my morning work-out, I got in the pool with my kids and laid back, soaking in the sun and relaxing.... (long overdue). Might I also point out that this was NOT a big pool.... LOL.... This was a little bigger than a baby pool.... What a site!!!

Taking time for what matters..... My Kids

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