Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today - Reflection

I used to think I had to make everything perfect for my children. If they were given too much homework, I felt I should say something to the teacher. If my child did not play as many innings in a baseball game as I thought he should, I figured it was my responsibility to let that coach know how unjust I thought he was and try to change him.

I cannot make life perfect for my children or for me, for that matter. it helps to try and determine how important the situation is. There really are not that many cases I have discovered which are important. However, at the time I often think it is of the utmost importance. I cannot change the coach, I cannot change the teacher, and, in fact, there are really very few people I can change - probably no one but myself. I do not always know what is best, nor is it realistic to attempt to make things perfect.

Help me to give others permission to be different from me.

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